iPhone Camera Flickering? Here’s How to Fix It!

iPhone Camera Flickering

An iPhone is a very awesome device as there are a number of people who prefer iPhones over Android devices. iPhones were launched to completely revolutionize the mobile phone market and the device has been successful in doing the same, however, despite the popularity of the device, there are still many instances where iPhone users have faced issues with the device. 

There are a number of people who have faced the issue of iPhone camera blinking on their devices and if you are also facing the same issue then, you are not alone. In the article, we will be telling people why is my iphone camera blinking and how you can fix the issue on your device without any issues. 

How Can You Fix iPhone Camera Flickering Issue on Your iPhone?

An iphone camera blinking is a very common issue and there are a number of people who faced the issue while they are using the device. This issue is very frustrating as you will not be able to capture pictures using your Camera so if you are interested in fixing the issue then, you can easily adhere to all the methods that we are giving here. 

1. Turn off the Macro Mode 

The new models of the device have a new feature known as the Macro mode that automatically enables when the device is too close to any object. This helps in capturing all the minor details of the object that you want to capture however, sometimes this macro mode can be the reason behind this issue and this is why you need to make sure that you have turned off the Macro Mode on your iPhone when you are using the Camera application. 

2. Lock your Camera 

If you see that your camera is continuously flickering when you are trying to record a video then, this might happen when the device is not able to choose the lens to record the video. You can use the feature to lock your camera to ensure that you can easily record anything that you wish to record without dealing with camera flickering issues. 

3. Balance the Exposure of your Camera 

It is also possible that your camera is not at all responsible when your iphone camera keeps blinking. If you are in a room that is too lit with LED and fluorescent lights then, these lights can be the reason why your camera is not able to focus. You can try to change the exposure of your iPhone camera to see whether this helps you or not. 

4. Disable Live Pictures 

While the live photos feature of an iPhone is very awesome as it allows people to capture 1.5 seconds before and after the picture, the feature can cause issues when you are taking still photos. You need to turn off the live photos option when you want to take still pictures and ensure that the flickering of your camera is not an issue. 

These are the solutions that can be used by people when they want to fix the issue of Camera flickering on an iPhone.  For more help visit

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