HP Printer Not Scanning? Here is the Easy Fix

HP Printer Not Scanning

If your hp scanner not working but printer is, if the answer is yes, you do not need to get worried as it is a common problem which is faced by a lot of users of hp printers. 

This problem can be fixed and in this process we are going to help you so that you can use your hp scanner once again without any issues and errors. 

Reasons Why HP Scanner Isn’t Working for the Users – 

Before getting to the solution it is essentially important to understand the problem first and figure out why the problem is actually occurring. 

There is no specific reason because of which the problem might be occurring, there are plenty of reasons such as problems in connecting, software issues with the computer, etc which can result in hp printer scanner not working but there are solutions for this problem to fix it. 

Ways for Fixing HP Printer Not Scanning Issue for the users – 

1. Check the connection error first 

You first need to check the connection for which you should give a look at the usb ports as well as at the usb cables and ensure that they are working and operating efficiently. 

You should make sure that the internet connection of internet which you have connected is working with efficiency and in case you are using a VPN you should turn it off temporarily as it might be the reason for the issue with the hp printer. 

2. Updating the scanner driver you are using – 

A missing or an outdated scanner driver can also cause your errors with your hp printer hence, to fix hp printer won’t scan you must update your scanner driver and must keep it up to the date. 

You need to go to the website and then you should look for the latest driver for the scanner you are using and when you find it, you should install it on your computer device. 

The process for updating the scanner driver will take some time as well as skills with computers so you need to be patient with it. 

Once the installation is finished you should restart your computer and see if the problem has been resolved or not. 

3. Troubleshooting the hardware issues – 

Sometimes, hp scanner not working can be fixed by a troubleshoot, so for this you should type cmd in your computer’s windows search and then you should opt for the option of running as administrator. 

Put in command msdt.exe –idDeviceDiagnostic in the command prompt when it comes on the screen and then hit the enter button. 

When a next pop up window appears you should tap on the next button and the trouble shoot will begin and it will detect the problems which are there with your hardware on its own. 

Once issues are detected you should follow the on screen instructions so that the issues can be fixed. 

You can also look for other ways or some different ways which can help you in fixing the issues with hp printer by accessing printeralign website on your browser of the device you are using.

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