Types of Road Blockers: A Comprehensive Overview


Road blockers are an essential component in perimeter security systems, designed to control and restrict vehicle access to certain areas. With the ever-increasing importance of security, it is crucial to choose the right type of road blocker that meets the specific needs of your facility. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of different types of road blockers, highlighting their features and applications, to help you make an informed decision about the most suitable option for your facility.


  1. Fixed Road Blockers:


Fixed road blockers are robust and sturdy barriers permanently installed in the ground. These blockers are a highly effective deterrent against unauthorized vehicle access and can withstand high impact forces. Fixed road blockers are often used at high-security installations such as military bases, government buildings, and critical infrastructure sites where maximum vehicle immobilization is required.


  1. Rising Kerb Road Blockers:


Rising kerb road blockers are hydraulically operated barriers that can be raised or lowered to control vehicle access. These blockers are designed to blend in with the surrounding road surface when lowered, preventing damage to vehicles passing over them. Rising kerb road blockers are commonly used in areas with high traffic flow, such as city centers and commercial properties, as they offer a balance between security and convenience.


  1. Retractable Bollard Systems:


Retractable bollard systems consist of a series of hydraulically operated bollards that can be raised or lowered individually or in groups. These road blockers provide flexible access control, allowing authorized vehicles to pass while blocking unauthorized vehicles. Retractable bollard systems are often utilized in locations where frequent access changes are required, such as pedestrian zones, parking areas, and sensitive facilities with varying access requirements.


  1. Sliding Gates:


Sliding gates are a popular road blocker option that efficiently control vehicle access through a sliding motion. These blockers can be motorized or manually operated, depending on the facility’s needs. Sliding gates are suitable for locations with limited space since they do not require large areas for installation. They offer a visually imposing deterrent while maintaining an efficient flow of traffic, making them a common choice for industrial facilities, commercial premises, and residential complexes.


  1. Crash-Rated Road Blockers:


Crash-rated road blockers are specifically designed to withstand high-impact forces, making them ideal for high-security installations that may be potential targets for vehicle-borne threats. These road blockers comply with internationally recognized standards for crash ratings, such as the ASTM, PAS, or IWA standards. Crash-rated road blockers are commonly utilized in airports, government buildings, military bases, and other critical infrastructure sites where the threat level is high.


  1. Automatic Bollards:


Automatic bollards are motorized road blockers that can be easily controlled and operated remotely. These bollards can be raised or lowered within seconds, providing rapid access control. Automatic bollards are commonly used in urban environments, such as pedestrian zones, shopping centers, and public spaces, where access needs to be restricted during specific times.


  1. Manual Bollards:


Manual bollards are the simplest and most cost-effective type of road blocker. These bollards are typically locked in a raised position to block vehicle access, and they can be manually lowered to allow authorized vehicles to pass through. Manual bollards are often used in low-traffic areas, private driveways, and small parking lots where access control is required but automation is not necessary.




Choosing the right type of road blocker for your facility is crucial in maintaining effective perimeter security and controlling vehicle access. Understanding the features, applications, and limitations of different road blocker options is essential for making an informed decision. Whether it is fixed road blockers for maximum security, rising kerb road blockers for convenience, retractable bollard systems for flexibility, or any other types mentioned, consider the specific needs of your facility and consult with security professionals to select the most suitable road blocker solution. Implementing the right road blocker will provide an effective layer of security and contribute to the overall safety and protection of your facility.  

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