How to Download Photos & Videos From Instagram to Phone?

You may want to download your Instagram videos and images for several reasons. Perhaps you want to hold on to a cherished memory, or you want to have a copy to watch at a later date. Maybe you want to share Instagram videos with someone who doesn’t have Instagram. No matter the reason, it’s easy to save videos and images from Instagram.

After deep research, I’ve found these methods to download gorgeous Instagram images and videos to your device;

  1. Download via third-party apps
  2. Download via online downloaders
  3. Download via the screen recorder option
  4. Take screenshots

It is joyful to watch all the creative content on people’s posts. But what if you need to download someone’s images or videos to watch them later or share them with your friends? For both reasons, you might wonder how to download Instagram videos and pictures, you are coming to the proper spot. Let’s review! 

Never skip gorgeous Instagram images or videos furthermore

Downloading Instagram videos can be complex to figure out on your own, but I am here to help. Luckily, there are a few different ways to download Instagram videos. So, I will tell you all the methods with popular features, pros, cons, and key specs. Let’s begin! 

 1. Download via third-party apps

Using 3rd-party apps is the simplest and quickest way to download Instagram content directly from its platform. And keep in mind that, you can use below third-party apps for downloading both Instagram images and videos. 

Video Downloader 

This is a high-ranked free Instagram photo downloader app including my list. It allows you to save Instagram images, videos, and other content. Video Downloader is always secure, fast, and free, making it among the best apps for Instagram images and video download. 


  • It allows you to share and repost directly from this app
  • The app includes a high-quality video and photo downloader
  • You can watch videos offline with the built-in video player 


  • Complex to manage

Video Downloader for Instagram 

This is another top pick in my list for downloading Instagram images and videos. With this, you can download any Instagram content from public accounts of Instagram. You can save videos, photos, and story highlights from Instagram. This is a free Instagram video downloader app that is simple, light, and 100% free to use.


  • Very easy-to-use interface
  • Enables you to save reels safely
  • Save multiple contents at once
  • You only need to copy and paste the link into the app


  • It does not user-friendly for beginners 


If you are still wondering, ”How to save videos from Instagram to the gallery?”, check out this best FastSave app. FastSave is one of the best apps for saving photos and Instagram reels. And this is a great solution and gives you 100% freedom to download unlimited photos and videos without any restrictions.


  • You can get details of users by long pressing on the saved photo
  • Offers fast download speed with the best quality such as 4K and 8K
  • Hide your saved photos Instant save them to a secret locker


  • No free version and you have to go with the paid version

 2. Download via online downloaders

4K Stogram

This is an open-source video downloader for your device. And it is a super powerful tool that comes with flexible features. You can download videos and photos from any public Instagram account and Instagram hashtags and locations.


  • It allows you to download private Instagram photos, videos, etc
  • Save multiple Instagram posts at once with this tool
  • You can browse the Stories of other accounts 


  • The free version has ads


If you want to use an Instagram video downloader that allows you to download unlimited Instagram images and videos for free, DownloadGram is a great tool to make it possible. And this is a highly ranked tool that has millions of search results in Google. So, just check out this tool if you want the best Instagram experience! 


  • You can download Instagram videos and images unlimited
  • Completely free tool
  • Download Instagram photos and videos with a one click
  • Fastest tool ever
  • Multi-photo, IGTV, and video download
  • No requirement to install any app or software
  • Work with any device such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices
  • Completely safe tool forever
  • Free from annoying ads


  • No cons to show

YT Saver 

Like other tools, this is an Instagram video downloader that allows you to download Instagram images and videos. It is now becoming a new craze among people who want to download all the images and videos from the official Instagram app because it pursues high-quality output.


  • Fastest video downloading


  • You can download videos in bulk only with a subscription

 3. Download via the screen recorder option

If you are an iPhone user and want to download Instagram videos on your iPhone, this is the prime method. Using it, you can record Instagram videos on your iPhones directly. And no need for any app or software. Simply click the “Screen recorder” button. Furthermore, this is not a better method for saving Instagram reels.


  • Very easy method
  • Anyone can try this method without any special technical skill, any app, or any installations


  • You can’t download high-quality videos
  • Full-screen record
  • You can’t share Instagram videos on other social media platforms
  • Only available for iPhones 

 4. Take screenshots

This is not excellent, and the resolution won’t be High Quality, but taking a screenshot is the easiest way to download images from Instagram. If you’re using an Android device, you can simply press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. 


Well, these were the picks that I found best among many Instagram image and video savers methods existing in the market. However, there are many other apps that offer the same functionality as well. All methods that I have included in the list are free to use, have excellent user ratings, and are loved by users. 

So, you can pick any option to enjoy features that will make your social media user experience better! So, pick the method that suits your needs and requirements. But don’t forget to give feedback on it! 

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