Get a Master’s in Data Science and Become Eligible For High Paying Jobs

The requirement for data science professionals is increasing gradually worldwide. A data science master’s in Bangalore enables learners with technical expertise, troubleshooting, analytical skills, and problem-solving abilities. Developing these attributes helps you secure high-paying opportunities across diverse industrial domains. This master’s degree makes you eligible to attain the most demanding career.

This article explains the paths that the best data science masters programs online show to transform your professional journey.

Reasons for Inclination Towards Data Science

Data is the fuel to this new digital world. The business organization uses the energy of the data sets to make critical strategic decisions that will benefit them with monetary profits. The dependency on the data sets has generated a notable demand for data science professionals skilled in analyzing and understanding the vast information hidden behind the data sets. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that data science jobs are predicted to grow 31% between the years 2019 to 2039. This average is way beyond the combined growth of all the jobs in the world. This statistic is directly proportional to the variety of data science job opportunities for rightly skilled people.

Structure of Data Science Masters in Bangalore

A data science masters in Bangalore generally includes a vast range of topics to give an extensive understanding of the data science field.

  • Statistics and Probability- Understanding the vital data science concepts is essential.
  • Machine Learning- The ML algorithms help build essential systems that predict or perform tasks as instructed.
  • Big Data Analysis associates with Spark and Hadoop to organize and undertake scale data sets.
  • Data Excavation- This helps in sourcing vital facts from big and complex data sets.
  • Data Imaging- It is the process of decoding the data insights via pictorial representation.

Moreover, several programs also present an optional course to gain specialized skill sets in artificial intelligence, business analytics, and natural language processing. In addition, real-world and capstone projects are included so that data science aspirants can get trained in practice.

List of High-Paying Jobs in The Data Science Industry

  • Data Scientist- They help transform data sets, construct new algorithms, analyze data, and build predictive prototypes. The CTC of a data scientist is $120,000.
  • Machine Learning Engineer- They are responsible for constructing, building, and designing machine learning models with an average salary of $130,000.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst—The job description of these professionals intersects data science and the business field. Thus, they are proficient in deriving actionable business insights from complex data sets. The average CTC of a BI analyst is $90,000.

Skills Learned During Data Science Masters in Bangalore

Through the conceptual development of a master’s degree in data science, you will be adept at the analytical mindset and critical thinking abilities. As discussed, the projects that are given as a part of the curriculum will assist you to build skills like:

  1. Programming- Individuals gain expertise in languages like Python, R, SQL, etc.
  2. Statistical Analysis- It helps in extracting results from broader unstructured data sets.
  3. Data Sourcing- It is the process of gathering raw data sets.
  4. Data Management and Processing- The handling of data and removing inconsistencies, to make it ready for data analysis.
  5. Data Analytics- It helps unmask hidden patterns and trends that otherwise should have gone unnoticed with manual analysis.
  6. Tools Usage- Using industry-relevant tools like Seaborn, NumPy, and Matplotlib gives you an added advantage in building a strong portfolio and getting jobs in tech giants.

Collaboration and Growth

Choosing a data science masters in Bangalore provides various networking scopes. There you can connect with professors, peers, working data, and scientists. These people are typically very influential people having several industrial connections. Thus, it can help the aspirants form a channel with potential recruiters.

Targeting The Right Data Science Course

When selecting a perfect data science curriculum, always focus on modules, faculty experience, practical training, accreditations, and industrial networks. Considering these aspects gives your learning a competitive edge in the job market.

Justify Your Investment

Pursuing a master’s degree in data science requires a little over-the-top budgeting and time. So, it becomes crucial to consider the return on investment while opting for the data science course. This includes assessing all the virtues of the curriculum, such as the 100% placement guarantees, 1:1 doubt-clearing sessions, and expert guidance. Also, look for coursework that gives you several options for paying the course fees like no-cost EMI, scholarships, discounts, etc.


A data science masters in Bangalore welcomes the world of high-paying jobs and intellectually reviving job opportunities. Data sets are gaining importance in all segments of industries. The guidance, knowledge, and skills acquired during this master’s degree program are also highly desirable. Invest smartly in your data science learning and gain a prominent position in the industry, embarking on a lucrative career.

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