BT Webmail Login | How to Aceess BT email?

How to Aceess BT email?

BT group is a British telecommunications company which offers broadband as well as mobile services in the country and one of these services is bt mail. 

There are many people who are not aware of how they can access their bt webmail and if you are also one of these users then this blog is the perfect place for you as in this blog we are going to tell you about bt email login so that you are able to access your account. 

Accessing bt webmail for the users – 

You can access your bt mail from anywhere and at any time and you can access it on any of the device you want like on your mobile phone or on your desktop. 

So, for accessing your account or logging into it, you will not need to do much but to simply access the official website of bt mail which is and then when on the site you can simply put in the details of your account which are used for login and get access to your account. 

Using bt mail as client email – 

You can also use set up your bt email to be utilized as an email client which is an email program or you can say email application on the device you are using such as apple mail, outlook as well as windows mail. 

Email client can also store the downloaded emails for you on your device locally which in simple words means that you can read your emails even when you haven’t connected your device to internet. 

The protocols or you can say the technologies which assist you in downloading your emails is IMAP and POP3 and we would recommend you to use IMAP with SSL which will enable you to keep the copies of your messages on the email server. 

SMTP on the other hand allows you to send emails hence, it essential for you to enable SMTP then only you would be able to use your email for sending mails. 

Setting up an email client for the users – 

In order to set up your email account on your computer or on your laptop or on your mobile device you will need to have your email address or username of your bt mail. 

You will also need its password then only you would be able to finish the login and then successfully get access to your account on your device. 

You must focus that the email client which comes with the windows 8 then bt mail might not work for you and to make it work you can get apple mail, outlook, thunderbird or windows live mail on your device. 

If you somehow face difficulty in accessing bt mail then we would recommend you to try out some troubleshooting steps so that the error and the glitch you are facing can be resolved. 

We hope that all the details about bt email login which we have mentioned for you in this blog has been of help for you in learning all about it. 

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