8 Reasons To Include Survival Mode In Starfield

Starfield already has a lot of features planned, but fans want an iconic survival game more than anything else.

After the huge success of Fallout 4’s survival mode and Fallout New Vegas’s extreme mode, Starfield fans may have thought that Bethesda would add it to their long-awaited space-faring epic right away. But even though Todd Howard has said that survival mode might be added later in the game’s life, it seems clear that Sarfield won’t be able to use it at launch.

Survival mode can give players new (and completely optional) tasks, rewards, and magically immersive moments to enjoy if it is put into place with care and thought. Survival mode might not be everyone’s thing, but it’s still a choice, and many Bethesda fans have said that Starfield wouldn’t be as fun without it. There are many good reasons for this.

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