8 Great Retro-Futuristic Sci-Fi Games

The past and the future come together in these interesting sci-fi games to create experiences that fans won’t soon forget.

Putting two different things next to each other, like killer clowns and flying fish, can be very rewarding. Retro-futuristic is a type of science fiction that mixes themes from the past and the future. The theme is a unique and fun mix of nostalgia for the good old days and laser-slinging madness. It makes me feel good and blows my mind at the same time. Players can relax in the ease of the middle of the 19th century until a robotic foot kicks them out of their comfort zone.

Most of the time, the combination makes for a funny tongue-in-cheek experience. From chasing 1950s convertibles in a flying saucer to using electric Gatling guns to fry Nazi officers. Maybe while walking through the toxic wastes of a post-apocalyptic future, you could listen to “Easy Living” by Billie Holiday. No matter how these old times and new technologies meet, the result is always a creative and irresistibly interesting idea.

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