How To Update YouTube Videos Without Losing Views?

How To Cut Short The Beginning Or The End Of The YouTube Video

There are scenarios and occasions when you complete a YouTube video, get a few views, and realise you’ve made an enormous mistake. You will forfeit the views on your YouTube post if you overcome the problem on your computer and then give a fresh video.

You could make a few minor adjustments to the platform for hosting videos. If the video already has views, YouTube wants creators to refrain from making considerable and extensive changes to already-uploaded videos. This is because swapping a current video with a new one while conserving its original characteristics could mislead viewers and YouTube’s algorithm.

Nevertheless, the platform acknowledges that authors can occasionally commit innocent but minor mistakes or that the subject matter in the uploaded video might ask for their elimination. So, YouTube, fortunately, allows for the removals or changes to be made in the YouTube video, which will make you gain YouTube views (know more) and an audience. It is entirely safe, and further down, you will see how you can do it.

Guide To How You Can Change Specific Parts Of Your Already Uploaded YouTube Video.

How To Cut Short The Beginning Or The End Of The YouTube Video

You must first sign into your YouTube Studio account to edit and modify your video. Then comply and abide by these uncomplicated yet fundamental recommendations. Once on the Channel Dashboard, select Content from the left menu items first. You can access all the videos you have published on the Channel content page. Select the video you want to edit by pressing on its thumbnail. The screen with the video details is about to show up. The editor can be specified on the left pane.

You can enter the window for the video editor. A blue box will then show up in the projected area of the window once you click Trim here.

Only the section of your video inside the rectangular space will remain uploaded when you drag the blue box’s two ends to eliminate portions of your video’s starting point or end. Once you have decided how much to trim and are happy with it, click Preview to see the finished item. Remember to save the changes. You will find the option to save your changes in the top right-hand corner.

Trimming A Particular Section Of Your YouTube Video

The procedure for this is similar too. So follow along. Click Trim before anything else. A blue box will appear in the window’s timeline section. Now click at the beginning of the timeline component you want to eliminate rather than dragging the box’s ends.

You can also enter the exact amount of seconds and frame number in the Timestamp field adjacent to the Trim button, or you hover your mouse over the time stamps above the blue box. Click on the Split option at the bottom of your display once you have complete confidence in where to start your cut. The place where you set the start of the Trim ought to display a blue bar. Drag the bar to the right end to cut the portion you want.

Just as before, Preview your finished product before you tap on the save button.

Tips for Reversing Trims in YouTube Studio

Drag the blue box back to its initial position to rewind the trimmings you’ve made at the beginning or end of your video. However, you need to click on the X marker right next to the part of the eliminated part you want to discard if you are interested in reversing the middle-of-the-video trimming.

Click on Clear All at the bottom of the screen to permanently remove all of the modifications you have made. On the other hand, if you’ve already pressed Preview, select Discard Changes instead of selecting Save. To undo any changes that have not yet been saved, click the three dots icon adjacent to Save and select Revert to be original.

Blurring Selected Portions In Your Video

Suppose someone approaches you and asks to be removed from your video, but they are in an important moment you cannot modify. In that case, you can conceal their face or substitute other pertinent elements of your video where they belong. To do this, open YouTube Studio and select the video as you did previously. Then, go to Video editing.

Choose Face blur by choosing Blur sections from your movie under the chronological area. Then, YouTube Subscribers will automatically use your video to identify particular faces. Select the face you want to blur and click Apply when every detail has been completed. You may change the blur effect’s duration by manually modifying the start and complete timestamps. Furthermore, you may manually alter the blur size so that it completely and flawlessly encompasses the face you want to try to hide.

Click Save once you’re delighted with the result you get. However, you can eliminate the blur effect by selecting Discard changes to remove all effects or by tapping the Trash icon immediately next to the timestamps.

Manual Blurring Techniques

On certain occasions, YouTube could fail to figure out the face you want to blur automatically. Alternatively, blur anything other than encounters, such as an identification plate. You will have to carry out this kind of work on your own. Because of the minor challenge, here’s what you can do. Choose Blur parts of your video from the timeline, but this time choose Custom Blurry. Custom blur decisions should be visible next to the video preview window. Choose among the rectangle or oval blur types. Select the shape that you prefer.

Additionally, you’ve got two options: Track the object being blurred or fix the blur’s placement. Fix blur position maintains the blurred region constant throughout, though the tracked object automatically alters the blur to follow the object you blurred. In the video preview window, modify the blur position to cover the area you want to disguise.

You may add more cloudy areas by hovering your mouse on the areas you want to block. By manipulating its start and end time stamps, you can additionally alter the length of time of the entity. Click Save once you’ve been happy with the placement of your custom blur. If not, choose the Trash icon to eliminate the blurred look.

Wrapping Up

YouTube Studio is a useful tool for administering videos, playlists, and more. Analytics even allows you to keep tabs on the success of your channel and your videos. The YouTube Editor is an almost primitive tool compared to other video editing programs, but for numerous filmmakers, the option to tweak their clips after publishing is an absolute lifeline. I hope this helps.

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