What Makes Bixby App Download Worth?

What is the Bixby app download? It is the virtual digital assistant of Samsung electronics. It works as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Apple Siri. What makes it worth it? Where to download it? Is it safe to use? Wait till the end of the article. I will give answers to all questions you have.

Introduction – Samsung Bixby download

It is the official Samsung digital assistant. The software works as Apple Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Likewise, it helps to make your daily life more comfortable. It helps to make phone calls, send messages, open apps, read emails, play music, etc hands-free. 

It is a more valuable part of the Samsung Galaxy S8 devices. Initially, it came with only Galaxy S8 devices. However, now it is available as a third-party digital assistant software. Hence, now you can get it from its official website. But, the Bixby app download is compatible with selected devices only. Now let’s see who can use it.

Who can use it?

  • All Android 7.0 Nougat and higher versions
  • Mac OS X 10.12 and upper versions
  • Windows operating systems, including the latest Windows 11

An important tip to note that: The software is only available in its original mobile app format. Therefore, when you download it to the PC, you must use an emulator to continue using the Samsung digital assistant. 

What are the features?

  • It only needs the new launcher of the Galaxy 8 and the Bixby app.
  • The Bixby app download is quicker and easier to customize and use on your phone.
  • The Samsung digital assistant helps to send text messages, open apps, .set reminders, read emails, and make phone calls completely hands-free.
  • You do not need to root your Android, have custom firmware installed, or do any hack of the digital assistant.
  • If the command is incomplete, it could make the order complete by identifying you and your commands orderly. The software takes suitable action to what you request.
  • Learn voices separately
  • Ability to recognize natural languages such as Alexa
  • When you use software for computers, always download the proper emulator to continue it.

The latest version of the Bixby app download

The Bixby 2.0 is the latest version of the Samsung digital assistant. The most delinquent version confirms the highest device compatibility. Therefore, you can use it for smartphones, home speakers, smart TVs, refrigerators, and more.

The latest version confirms natural language capabilities. Hence, it supports thousands of more natural commands. Also, with the most delinquent update, it now knows you well and understands your daily routine. 

The Samsung Digital Assistant is built with the technology Samsung developed from “Viu” which is an AL assistant. It moves more towards digital assistant technology, such as Apple Siri with the latest version.

What are its uses?

  • Customize your phone
  • Recognize natural languages as well as Alexa
  • Open apps, check the weather and read emails
  • Bixby voice – allows you to control your phone and make commands by speaking aloud.
  • Call your friends, send emails, and text messages hands-free
  • Bixby routines – automate tasks on your Galaxy phones such as control apps, optimize the battery, adjust the settings, etc.
  • Control music playback

How to get the Bixby app download?

For mobiles

  • First, get the S8 launcher on your Samsung devices. Download the app and install it.
  • Next, download the APK files and install Bixby.
  • Remember that both apps must be present on your smartphone simultaneously.
  • Now, long press the home button to enter the settings menu of the S8 launcher.
  • You will find an option to activate it. Click on it.
  • Then, reboot your phone to complete the installation process.
  • After the handset boots up, swipe right to access Bixby’s assistant. 

For computers

  • Download the emulator for Mac and Windows PC and run the installation guide
  • Go to the Android emulator app and continue to log in with your account
  • Get the command for the Samsung digital assistant from the store by searching for them
  • Install them as per the screen instructions

Troubleshooting tips

  • It is not responding when you voice “Hi, Bixby” To improve voice command accuracy. You can follow some tips. What are they?

Try removing your voice recordings.

Adding a new voice recording

Changing the sensitivity settings.

  • Likewise, it supports only Korean, German, English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Italian, French, and Portuguese. It does not support another language. Hence, always check the compatibility with the language before using it.
  • There are some limitations when you use it. Those certain limitations depending on the times you are using them. What are those typical situations? 1. On the emergency mode 2. In the case of media recordings like video, game, and voice   3. During outgoing calls  4. Samsung Kids  5. When the device has reached the extreme power-saving mode
  • Occasionally, the Bixby app download displays an error message or does not respond to your voice command. To avoid this, make sure the Wifi connection is stable. But, it occurs again, clearing the data for all its system apps.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the Bixby home download?

It is the constantly updating home page that displays content from your apps. Using it, you can quickly see information about the weather, reminders, etc. 

You can customize Bixby home to your preference by adding or removing cards or turning them off completely. 

 2. Is it safe to use?

It is a double lock for your sensitive data, meaning even if someone managed to get inside your phone, the only person with real access is you. Likewise, your Samsung mobile is always running in a safe state against data attacks or malware. Therefore, the Samsung digital assistant is secure to use.

 3. Can it work without the internet?

It is only a digital assistant that can use online and offline. But some features will only work if you are online. However, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon, and Hound can only work online only.


The Bixby app download is the official Samsung digital assistant. It will make your daily life easier and smarter, like Apple Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Hence, you can download Bixby voice to make your daily routine effortless. Do you want to download it? You can get it from the official website for free. For more details, please refer to our official website. Try it.

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