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Video production is one of the most effective ways to help your brand to grow its audience, spread awareness, boost sales, and more. In every industry across the globe, video production is helping brands make millions and building trust with their audience on a deeper level.

In their quest to provide the best for their audience, brands are turning to video production companies to craft captivating, informative, and educational content. This content serves the brand and its audience by effectively targeting viewers, boosting sales, generating leads, increasing visibility, and achieving various other benefits. By partnering with expert video production companies, brands can deliver valuable content that resonates with their audience and contributes to their success.

Video creation for brands is as necessary as any type of online marketing like Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and more. Video creation is a tool that all brands need in their marketing field. 

India has become a hub for video production agencies, offering a wide range of services to clients across the globe. Whether you’re looking to create a corporate video, a product video, or an explainer video, there are plenty of talented and experienced video production companies in India to choose from.

Vidzy is a short video production company made to help brands create influencer-based videos. The video agency supports brands to make videos for their social media platforms, internet space, advertisement, and more. 

Video Production Services Provided By Video Agency Vidzy:

Vidzy has the experience of more than 6 years and has worked with over 1200 brands like Instagram, Amazon, Mamaearth, Power Gummies, and more. The creative video production company has over 2 lakh trusted influencers on board with them from all industries, whether it is beauty, electronics, finance, and more. 

Keep reading to understand VIdzy’s video production services better.

Influencer-based social media videos: Influencer-based social media videos are promotional content created in collaboration with trusted influencers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The creative video agency helps these videos leverage the influencer’s credibility and reach to endorse a brand’s products or services, effectively gaining engagements, brand awareness, organic traffic, boosting sales, and building brand trust among their audience.

Influencer Based Videos Ads: Social media ads videos are short, engaging promotional clips designed specifically for advertising on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The video-making company knows that these videos capture the audience’s attention quickly, conveying a brand’s message, products, or services effectively. With targeted advertising strategies, they help drive non-organic traffic and increase brand visibility and conversions.

Corporate videos: Corporate videos are professionally produced content used by businesses and organisations for various purposes. These videos include promotional materials, explainer animations, training modules, and internal communications. The Video Production Company helps brands showcase their values, products, and services, effectively strengthening their reputation, engaging stakeholders, and conveying essential information to employees and customers.

Testimonial Videos: These videos are highly effective for boosting sales. In this type of content, digital video production company collaborate with creators to share their firsthand experiences with the product and the positive outcomes they achieved after using it. 

Why You Should Choose Video Production Agency Over It’s Competitors 

  • Influencer Collaboration: Vidzy collaborates with trusted over 2 lakh+ influencer to create impactful content, leveraging their credibility to promote brands effectively.
  • Brand Humanization: The Video Production Company focuses on giving brands a distinct voice by strategically analyzing, strategizing content, crafting compelling stories, and executing with precision.
  • Extensive Experience: With over six years of experience, Vidzy has served a wide range of high-end clients, making them proficient in delivering top-notch video production services.
  • High-Quality Productions: The video content agency ensures high-quality video production, utilizing cutting-edge equipment like cameras, green screens, and professional lighting.
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions: The Video Company offers affordable packages, making their services accessible to brands of all sizes, including startups and small businesses.


video production has emerged as one of the most effective tools for brand growth, audience engagement, and sales acceleration across industries worldwide. Brands are increasingly turning to video production companies to create compelling and educational content that resonates with their target audience. India has become a hub for such companies, with Vidzy leading the way as an influencer-based video production agency.

Vidzy stands out with its unique approach of collaborating with trusted influencers to create authentic and impactful content for social media and advertisements. With a wealth of experience and an extensive roster of influencers, Vidzy offers high-quality productions at affordable prices. 

By choosing Vidzy, brands can humanise their message, connect with their audience on a deeper level, and achieve their marketing goals effectively.





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