How to Increase YouTube Views?

How to Increase YouTube Views

How to increase views on your YouTube video organically?

Increasing YouTube views at a good regular pace than the suggested video is one of the most important elements that will help your videos to reach a large audience.

Now what are suggested YouTube Video so, suggested video is a section on the right-hand side of every video on YouTube or underneath the YouTube Video if you’re on a mobile device. And if you can get your video to appear on the video you can get it’s even millions of views. And the best way to do that is the sequel technique. In fact, through this particular technique, 66% of the views on the majority of the video will come from suggestive videos, which as you’ll see in a minute is by design.

Starting with step number one- find a popular video in your niche Your first step is to find a video and your industry with lots of views.

If Remember the theory of the sequel technique is to show up as a suggested video. And when you get your video tool to appear next to a popular video lots of people click over and watch your video. The question is how do you find a popular video in your video

How do you come to youtube search?

Here are two simple strategies that work great using YouTube search. All we need to do is search for a keyword that describes the video we want to make.

Then keep an eye out for a video in the search results that already has lots of YouTube views.

For example, when you search for information for improved Google rankings you will notice that this video had over 200,000 views. You can also keep an eye on your competitors’ and can view their popular videos that have been trending among the audience.

Simply go to their channel and hit any particular video over there. Then sort by most popular you get a list of top-performing performing videos.

Next, it is time for step number two to create a bigger and better video for the sequel. So now that you found a popular video it’s time to create something bigger and better.

How is watching time of your YouTube videos helpful in your channel’s growth?

A little-known research paper called deep neural networks for YouTube recommendations and this paper outlines how suggested video probably works as it turns out YouTube focuses on something called expected watch time is simple.

It’s YouTube’s best guess of how much time someone will spend watching your video after they click on it and need us to say two promoted videos that keep people on YouTube.

The more minutes you have in your video’s watch time, the more it is helpful for you.YouTube knows that when someone clicks over to your video as a suggestive video it’s only going to result in 30 seconds of watch time.

So that video hasn’t expected watch time of 30 seconds Now let’s see you create another video about cold brew coffee video be this time people watch two minutes of your video on average that video has an expected watch time of two minutes four times more than video a and because video B has a higher expected watch time YouTube’s gonna promote it in the suggestive video sidebar light crazy.

Adding sequels for audience engagement

To show up as a suggestive video your video needs to keep people watching and to keep people watching your video needs to be awesome that’s where it helps to create the sequel comes in when you take the video

that you found in step number one and make it better in other words you want your sequel to be more like empire strikes back and last like episode one here’s the exactly how to do it first create an awesome video intro why is this so important well YouTube’s data shows that the first 15 seconds of your video is huge in the file says that if you lose someone’s interest in the first 15 seconds they’re gonna click away and watch something else more next.

But if you can grab their attention in this 15-second down they’ll stick around. The question is how do you create an awesome video intro and intro that’s even better than the video you found in step one.

Opening with an engaging intro

Intro grabs people’s attention and they keep watching Next create a longer YouTube Video. over a million YouTube videos to understand how YouTube’s search engine worked. And we found that long videos crushed short videos. Even though our study focused on YouTube search the message is clear: You two promote videos that keep people on YouTube Video and longer videos do that best Plus longer videos usually have a high watch time expected.

For instance, if your video is three minutes long. Well even if people watch 100% of your video which will never happen. Your watch time will be at most three minutes But let’s say that your video is 10 minutes.

Even if people only watch half of your video you’re expected watch time is going to be five minutes.

How do partner interruptions help your videos to become more interesting?

Partner interrupts are super powerful and find that pattern interrupts your videos’ audience retention and watch time. So what pattern video interrupts are something that you add to your YouTube Video to change things up?

A pattern answer-up can be a visual, a camera angle changes, a  piece of joke musically anything that’s different from the rest of your video.

Try adding as many YouTube Video interrupt from different angles, jokes-comic formats, and so on will keep your audience engaged with the video and never let them get bored.

As it will add up various modifications into videos.

Final words

Including such techniques will help you get more consecutive views on your YouTube Video. That will eventually help you in audience building over the youtube platform.

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