Mizoram Lottery Tickets Rules: A Guide To Buying Mizoram Lottery Tickets

Mizoram is the 13th Indian state where locals can play lottery games. People can buy lottery tickets in Mizoram from authorised retailers. However, for the websites offering lotteries online, there are rules governing them. Before buying the Mizoram tickets, you must acquaint yourself with the laws and regulations concerning the purchase. Here are some guidelines that will make your lottery buying easy and swift.

Lottery laws in Mizoram

In India, there are 13 states where government lotteries are legal. The government allows states to ban or legalise lottery or other similar activities. Besides the government paper lotteries, you can also participate in online lotteries in Mizoram. However, there are rules and regulations players need to follow before buying tickets.

Offline lottery buying laws in Mizoram

The Directorate of Institutional Finance and State Lottery ( IF&SL) legalises Government lotteries in Mizoram. This institution regulates the conduct of lottery draws, approves and decides the schemes, draw schedule, and price and appoints vendors. The laws include:

  • The lottery tickets should only be sold offline.
  • Players should buy only from authorised vendors like official outlets and kiosks throughout the state. 
  • Buy tickets that are in good condition and yet to be scratched. Ensure the ticket is not folded or creased and that numbers and symbols are legible.
  • Check out the deadlines for buying and redeeming tickets.
  • If you get a winning ticket, you must claim the prize within a specific duration.

Who can buy lottery tickets in Mizoram?

To buy lottery tickets or play online, you have to be 18 years and above. The government allows people living in other states to purchase Mizoram lottery tickets. 

How to purchase lottery tickets offline in Mizoram?

Players can only buy Mizoram government lottery tickets through authorised vendors selected by IF&SL. If the lottery is legal, the tickets are also available in other states. In Mizoram, there’s the Rajshree lottery scheme, where five weeks, eight months, and yearly draws are conducted to unveil winners. The weekly draws include:

  • Magic 50 happens on Monday and Thursday
  • Magic 20 on Sunday
  • Magic 30 on Saturday and
  • Magic 100 on Wednesday

The cost of these tickets is the same as their number. For instance, Magic 20 costs Rs 20. The weekly draw time is 5 PM on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Rajshree 250,500,10,20 draws are held monthly on the 1st,2nd,3rd and 4th of every month. They conduct all draw at 5 PM except for Rajshree 30, which is at 8 PM.

The state’s yearly draw is the Tajshree Basanat Panchmi, held in the month of Basanat Panchmi. Its price is 250 rupees, and the time for the draw is 2 PM. Players can check the result live as it is streamed live on youtube. Note the rewards for each draw are different.

How to buy lottery tickets online in Mizoram?

The process of purchasing Mizoram online lottery tickets is simple and fast. Players only need a stable internet connection and an online payment method. To buy online lottery tickets, they need to follow the following steps:

  • Select an operator website and sign up as a player
  • Forward all the necessary documents to verify your account
  • Pick the lottery draw you want to participate in. The sites have several draws, so you can pick one that attracts you.
  • Select how many tickets you want to purchase and the draw days.
  • Pay for each ticket and enter the draw.

Buying tickets online is great because you can choose the number of tickets to buy. You also have the chance to enter more draws with the tickets you have bought. Online purchase is easy as you can make payment for all draws in a single shot. 

Is Mizoram state lottery legal, and how do I check the results?

A government institution regulates the state Mizoram lotteries. So, it’s true to say it is safe and legal. Only authorised dealers or vendors by the state government are allowed to sell lottery tickets offline.

After buying the tickets, players can check the outcome on the official websites and some other authorised websites. In addition, the draw event is streamed live on their official youtube channel. Here they will get to know who the winner is and the prize.

The Mizoram Government lottery is safe as relevant laws and regulations have been implemented. The state lottery has multiple schemes and draws that are regulated by IF&SL. Players need to ensure they buy the tickets from authorised stockists to avoid getting fakes. You can also get the tickets online but ensure the sites are safe and legit. 

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