Importance of Ruby Stone – The King of Gemstones

The Ruby stone is the most gorgeous red-colored gemstone in the world. With its lustrous shine and fine transparency, the appearance of this stone looks highly stunning. And so this gemstone is widely used all over the world in the art, craft, and jewelry industry.

The blood-red color of the ruby gemstone makes it highly appealing. But the value of this gemstone is in its astrological significance whether it is Vedic or Indian astrology or Western astrology.

The Ruby is considered to be one of the most potent and powerful stones on Earth which has a cosmic energy of physically healing a person, emotionally balancing the hormones and spiritually opening the doors to the journey to God.

Due to all these powerful energy flows, this stone is believed to change the lives of people who wear this gemstone.

In this post, we will discuss the many advantages the ruby gemstone provides to the wearer and why it is given so much importance.

Astrological Significance of the Ruby Gemstone

The Ruby stone is mined from the depth of land in mother nature from many places around the world like India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, United States, etc.

Astrologically, the gemstones are linked with the astrological planets and with our fates. The position of the planets affects our lives and these gemstones connection with the universe makes their energy flow transform our lives.

As per Vedic astrology, an original ruby gemstone is associated with the astrological planet Sun. Sun in terms of attributes is known for its individualism, boldness, and fierceness along with providing warmth. Hence, people who wear it are said to get all the qualities of the ruling planet.

Mostly, the ruby stone is recommended by the astrologer to people born under the zodiac sign Aries or people born in July, as it is the birthstone of July.

Other people can also wear the ruby which is commonly known as Manik Ratna in India. However, before wearing such a dynamic gemstone, we would highly advise you to consult with an expert to ensure the position of your astrological planets is allowing you to wear this stone.

Benefits of the Ruby Gemstone

A natural ruby stone with its powerful aura protects the wearer on many levels. Whether it is mentally or spiritually, the ruby will shield you from negativity and darkness. It will keep the evil spirits, or bad omens away as well as protect you from emotional harm.

Other benefits of wearing the Ruby stone are as follows:

  • The energy of the stone will flow through your body to increase your self-confidence. It will provide you with the needed self-esteem and help you grow as an individual.

  • The ruby gemstone will bring love to you. If you are married, it will increase marital bliss by enhancing your mutual understanding and harmony. And if you are single, the stone will help you get your soul mate. Because it is a symbol of love, this stone is often used as a present by people given to their other half.

  • An original Ruby also has the power to help you in your career, it will bring you opportunities to assist you get success.

  • The ruby also gives mental clarity to the person, as well as emotional stability. Reducing the negative feelings of anxiety and stress, it brings peace and calmness.

  • The spiritual benefits of the ruby stone include opening the senses of the wearer. It helps the wearer on their spiritual journey, guiding the individual in the right direction to spiritual enlightenment. It assists you to self-evaluate yourself, meet your higher consciousness, and get an idea of your path in life.

  • The ruby stone also has healing properties, it increases the energy levels of the person making them more active, removing laziness. The ruby also improves the blood circulation of the person, augments eyesight, helps in better digestion and provides relief in back issues or pain. Indeed, it provides a cure for hemorrhages, strengthens the heart, and helps with sleeping issues.

To Conclude

For the many ruby stone benefits, physical, emotional, and spiritual as well as the beauty and importance of the ruby, it is known as the King of Gemstones. The fierce Sun ruling this gemstone makes it a symbol of boldness and fierceness and the blood-red color signifies its power and love.

If you are seeking a positive change in your life, then you should consider wearing a Ruby gemstone.

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