How to Download Facebook Videos on My Android Device?

Do you want to download FB videos on your smartphone?

Sharing a Facebook post on your wall or tagging one of your friends is not complicated at all. You can use the share option at the bottom of the video or whatever post and share it right away. Moreover, there is a separate option that anyone can use to make a post watch later. For that, you can tap or click the share button and select the save option. And even you can create separate lists that you can easily find whenever you want to take a look. Unfortunately, you still do not have a direct option for downloading Facebook videos to your Android device. But of course, there are a few reliable methods of saving FB videos to your gallery as follow.

How to download Facebook videos?

First of all, we suggest you search video downloading applications on Google Play Store or whatever app store. There is a long list of social media video downloaders such as All Social Video Downloader, All Video Downloader, All Video Downloader & Player, Video Downloader for Facebook, FastVid, FB Video Downloader, Facebook Video Downloader App, and so on.

And then you better search the web for more results. There you can find forums, discussions, and more methods to download videos offline. Instead of installing an app, you will find a couple of online tools where you can paste the video URL and request to download it right away. HelloTech, CatchTube, FDownloader, and so on.

So mainly you can use an app or go through an online method of submitting the video URL and downloading it. Maybe you will feel like having an app will be easy. But, it will be easy for you to use an Online Facebook Video Converter and close it once you are done when it comes to storage space of the device, in-app advertisements, and other troublesome causes. However, both methods can use with or without Android root permission.

What is the best tool?

Install third-party apps

If you still wish to take look at what are the available third-party apps, you will get a long list including the following apps that we draw attention to.

  • All Social Video Downloader
  • All Video Downloader
  • All Video Downloader & Player
  • Video Downloader for Facebook
  • FastVid, FB Video Downloader
  • Facebook Video Downloader App

While some of these applications can help you to download videos from any social media platform, some have been designed especially for downloading the Facebook video. But still, there are in-app advertisements that will display while you are using it. And make sure your Android Smartphone has enough space to collect a new app. And also you have to waste your mobile data to update it often for a better service. Unless, it may cause slow device performance, drain battery, app crashes, and some other common issues.

Use an Online Facebook video converter

This is about submitting the appropriate FB video URL to an online tool. When you search the web, there will be HelloTech, CatchTube, and FDownloader tools.

Both HelloTech and CatchTube tools can use to download Facebook Videos by changing the post link. And if it is not fit for you, you can visit their websites and go through the direct download method. You can copy the video link and paste it into the given space and download it.

When it comes to the FDownloader tool, it is unique and quite simple. Anyone can open its web page on their Android and save videos to the smartphone gallery in seconds. The tool page is simple and users can easily find the download bar where users have to paste the video URL. This tool lets you save videos in actual quality. And it is fast. It won’t waste your mobile data and will download your request quickly. All downloads will save as mp4 files that are readable.

So overall I suggest FDownloader as the fastest and the most user-friendly way of downloading any FB video on your Android smartphone or tab. You do not have to follow a step guide. Just open the page and you will know what is next.

What’s more?

These type of methods seems to be easier because you do not have to worry about installing apps, wasting mobile data or even installing an unknown app to the device. Moreover, you can download uncountable videos per day for totally free entirely without the support of a third-party application. open the tool and close it at whatever time you want. This won’t make your device heavy.

Save videos to watch them later is a bit difficult. You can only watch them when you are online. and you cannot share those videos on other social media platforms except Instagram. And you cannot use it if the person you want to share the video with is not on Facebook.

Furthermore, you may like to edit the video or use it for some other purpose. Whatever the reason is there, using an online FB video downloader is handy.

Wrapping up

Now you can save or download Facebook videos on your Android smartphone with a few taps. While saving videos you love can use the very own save option of FB, you have to consider a better third-party way if you wish to bring them to your device gallery. When you found a video clip, go to the bottom line of the post and select the share button. Select the Save option and add it to your saved videos list. There is no doubt you already know the steps you have to follow when you need to share a post on a wall.

Above and beyond, online tools like FDownloader and HelloTech are more beneficial than installing apps. Unlike apps, users can download videos easily using online methods. They offer an unlimited download facility. Files can collect as mp4. Heir well-designed interface made it user-friendly and unique. Of course, you can try both apps and video converters and make a choice. Make sure whatsoever you pick saves your time and data. Read also!


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