Guide: How to care for your shoes

Guide: How to care for your shoes

Keep your footwear looking good with the right shoe care and make them look like new by following these four easy steps! Ahler men’s shoes , sneakers and boots don’t just look good – they are made to last for many years. With these four steps, you can ensure that your favorite shoes and boots continue to last – and look good – for many years to come. Just follow our simple, four-step guide: Make your shoes look like new by using the right shoe care.


Step 1 – Clean

Remove dirt with a brush or with a cloth. Use a stain remover to remove persistent stains on the shoe.


2. Step – Care

Moisturize your shoes by using a delicious shoe cream. With leather shoes, it is important to moisturize and soften the leather with moisturizing creams, so that the shoe can maintain its suppleness. Otherwise, you will experience a shoe that dries out quickly and will not be as comfortable to use.


Step 3 – Protect

Prevent dirt and wear by spraying your shoe into a good impregnation. This is especially necessary with suede shoes. It is always a good idea to spray your new shoes before wearing them for the first time. In this way, you protect your shoes from rain, sleet and dirt from daily use, right from the start.


Step 4 – Freshen up your shoe

Consider using a good shoe deodorant to keep your shoes odor free. Then you also avoid sour toes.


shoe care


How to care for different materials, use the right shoe care! Smooth and grained leather With leather that has a textured surface, dust the shoe with a soft brush or slightly damp cloth. Apply a shoe cream to the leather in a circular motion, being careful to avoid contact with parts of the shoe that have a different color (such as contrasting panels, laces or seams).Leave the cream on for a few minutes until the shoes are matte, then buff with a clean brush to make the shoe shine. Always make sure the cream is completely dry before use.



Gently brush the shoe with a soft suede brush. To remove persistent stains, you can use a neutral leather shampoo to clean the leather in depth.

With suede shoes, the color can run. You can revive the color using a protective color spray.


Oiled leather

Polish occasionally with a good quality wax or leather cream. You can remove stains with ultra-fine sandpaper. You will find that this type of material will take on a rustic appearance over time (like a fine wine, some things just get better with age).


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This is how you can also care for your shoes by using real shoe care

Change shoes regularly to give each pair time to air dry. This will help maintain the inner liners.

For closed shoe types, you must use a shoe horn. Remember to use the laces or loosen the buckle when taking off or putting on shoes. This will help keep the shoe’s shape. If your shoes are wet, let them dry naturally. Never use any kind of artificial heat when drying.

Never use shoe cleaner for wet shoes, and instead let the shoe dry before use so it can penetrate the uppers properly.


Sometimes colors can run on socks or feet due to sweat, especially with dull leather. To prevent this, you can apply a thin layer of waterproofing or color stop spray.

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