Driving to the Beat: How Coaxial Speakers Transform Car Audio

Coaxial Speakers Transform Car Audio

You know how it is when you’re driving down the highway and your favorite music comes on the radio? There’s nothing quite like belting out the lyrics with the windows down on a perfect summer day. But if your car’s sound system is less than stellar, that feeling just isn’t the same. Tinny, muted music from low-quality speakers can really kill the vibe.

The good news is, with a simple upgrade to coaxial car speakers, you can transform your driving experience and make every song sound like it was meant to be played at full volume. Coaxial speakers deliver rich, full-range sound to every seat in your vehicle so you and your passengers can jam out to crystal-clear audio. No more straining to hear the bassline or missing out on the subtle details in the music.

With coaxial speakers, those spontaneous sing-alongs in your car can become truly epic. Not only will your music sound amazing, but you’ll also hear details in familiar songs you never noticed before. If you’re ready to make every drive more fun, a set of coaxial speakers for car is the upgrade you and your sound system have been waiting for. Turn up the music, and take it all in.

What Are Coaxial Speakers and Why Are They Ideal for Cars?

Coaxial speakers are ideal for car audio systems because they’re compact, affordable and provide full range sound.

What Are Coaxial Speakers?

Coaxial speakers contain multiple drivers in one unit – typically a woofer for low frequencies, a midrange driver for mid-range tones, and a tweeter for high frequencies. The drivers are stacked on top of each other and share one mounting frame. This space-efficient design is perfect for fitting in your car’s limited space.

Why Coaxials Rock for Cars

Several factors make coaxial speakers for car a popular option:

    • They’re inexpensive. You can get a decent set for under $50 (generally).
    • They’re easy to install. Coaxials only require one mounting spot since the drivers are integrated.
    • They provide full range sound. With multiple drivers handling different frequency ranges, coaxials can reproduce the full audible spectrum.
    • They have a small footprint. The all-in-one, compact form takes up very little room in your doorways or back deck.
    • They can handle a lot of power. Many coaxial sets can handle 50 to 200 watts of continuous power without distorting.

For fantastic, affordable sound in your car, coaxial speakers are the way to go. Whether you want to simply replace factory speakers or build out a complete aftermarket system, coaxial speakers should be at the top of your list. With the right set, you’ll be jamming to crystal clear highs, rich midranges and thumping lows in no time.

Choosing the Best Coaxial Speakers for Your Vehicle

Choosing coaxial speakers that match your vehicle and listening needs is key to transforming your car audio experience.

Look for speakers with a power rating that matches your car’s stereo. Too little power and you won’t get the volume or bass you want, while too much can damage the speakers. A good rule of thumb is to get speakers with at least 5-10 watts more than your head unit’s RMS power per channel.

Size matters

Pay attention to speaker size—you want ones that will fit properly in your car’s speaker openings. Common sizes are 6×9 inches for rear decks, 5×7 inches for rear doors, and 6.5 or 5.25 inches for front doors. If the speakers are too big, they won’t fit and you’ll lose sound quality. Too small and they won’t fill the space, also reducing sound quality.

Consider how you listen

Think about how you listen to music in your vehicle. If you’re all about thumping bass, look for speakers with a larger woofer and more emphasis on lower frequency response. For well-balanced, full-range sound with solid highs and mids as well as lows, choose coaxial speakers for car with a separate tweeter for higher frequencies. Want crisp highs and lots of acoustic detail? Look for soft dome tweeters.

With the right coaxial speakers for your needs and listening tastes, you’ll transform your driving experience into a mobile music festival and wonder how you ever lived without them! Now crank up that stereo and enjoy the ride.

Installing Coaxial Speakers and Amplifying With a Power Distribution Block

Coaxial speakers are designed to be installed in your car’s front speaker locations. Because they are combined woofers for low frequencies and tweeters for high frequencies, they provide full range sound. To get the most out of your new coaxial speakers, you’ll want to connect them to an amplifier.

Add a Power Distribution Block

You can connect several amplifiers to your car’s electrical system using a power distribution block. For your amplifiers and speakers, it offers a centralized connecting point for the power wire (red), ground wire (black), and remote turn-on cable (blue).

To install a power distribution block 12v:

    • Mount the block in your trunk near your amplifiers. Secure it to the floor with screws or double-sided tape.
    • Connect the red power wire from your vehicle’s fuse box or battery to one side of the block.
    • Connect the black ground wire to a bare metal surface in your trunk like a seat bolt or trunk latch. Run the other end to the other side of the block.
    • Connect the blue remote turn-on wire to your head unit’s remote out and to the power distribution block.
    • Connect the power (red), ground (black), and remote (blue) wires from your amplifiers to the corresponding terminals on the power distribution block 12v.
    • Connect the coaxial speakers to your amplifier. Most coaxials will use standard speaker wire with banana plug, spade lug or bare wire connectors.
    • Turn on your head unit and amplifiers to test the system. Make any final adjustments to the gain or crossover controls on the amplifiers to optimize the sound from your new coaxial speakers.

With a power distribution block 12v and amplifiers added, your coaxial speakers will get the power they need to reach their full potential. You’ll enjoy louder, cleaner music with punchy bass, crisp highs and an expansive soundstage. Happy listening!


So there you have it, all the reasons why coaxial speakers should be at the top of your list for your next car audio upgrade. With crisp highs, rich mids and deep lows all coming from a single compact speaker, you’ll be rocking out to your favourite driving playlist in no time. And the best part is coaxials won’t break the bank or require a massive overhaul of your system to install. For a straightforward boost in sound quality that won’t leave your wallet hurting, coaxial car speakers are really the way to go. Next road trip, you’ll be glad you made the switch. Your ears will thank you, and your passengers will be begging you to turn it up. The open road is calling – are you ready to answer with the perfect soundtrack? If so, coaxial speakers should be riding shotgun.

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