An effective way to write the introduction to the IELTS writing task 

An introduction to the IELTS writing task plays an integral role in achieving a high band score in the writing module. It gives a brief to the examiner that what are you going to write in the following crumb of writing. You should write an effective introduction to make a first good impression. Therefore, you must make an effort into writing the ideal introduction while attempting your IELTS writing task. Apart from this, you should maintain the reader’s curiosity through it. Your chances of getting a high band score on the IELTS writing test may increase if you have a strong introduction. 

An effective introduction requires rephrasing. So while rephrasing the statement you should make sure that you stick to the topic’s core idea. There is no denying that the opening of an essay can occasionally be the most difficult to write. If you are struggling with English speaking. Then the English Speaking Course in Jalandhar is our recommendation for you. This platform assists you with expert guidance. This article will articulate the tips to write an effective introduction to the IELTS writing task.

Reads some amazing tips that aid you to write an adequate introduction that makes a good impression on the examiner

Pull the attention of the examiner

The first piece of advice for writing the ideal introduction is to make sure that you are able to hook the reader to the subject that you are writing about. Keep the thing in mind while rephrasing the statement, that Your rephrasing cannot change the whole meaning of the statement. Moreover, try to avoid writing dry facts or overly factual material. Otherwise, your introduction will sound too dull. Make a strong argument for why it is crucial to consider the subject. Make an effort to seem concise and clear while using a wide variety of words. 

For example, Some people say that the feeling of competition should be encouraged in children others say they should be taught to become cooperative. What is your opinion?

So while writing the introduction of this statement, first you should focus on both views. Then you should write a strong point to support your own opinion. Make sure your thesis gives a clear idea about your opinion and you use some advanced vocabulary words.  

Describe the account of the situation

The second step is to make sure you give a thorough background on the subject you are writing about. Broad information can be written, but it must be written clearly. In most circumstances, you must discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of the particular topic. However, you are not allowed to present reasons for or against the topic in the introduction. You only need to provide the reader with a brief summary of the subject. To start your arguments in the following sections of the article, you must present a solid foundation. 

Review your opening.

Once you complete your writing task should re-read it. It is very beneficial and you have to remember this. Although you have written what you want to write in the introduction. But sometimes while writing the article, you will have to change your mind because of the points you write in the body paragraph.

Be innovative 

Students frequently make a common error when attempting the IELTS writing task. They write the entire assignment description in their introduction, copying it verbatim. You see, this is a bad choice. The examiner would believe that you were forced to duplicate the introduction from the task since you lacked the vocabulary range to compose it on your own. You’ll see that doing this will reduce your chances of earning a high band score. 

Writing the introduction requires a little creativity. Use a variety of synonyms, antonyms, and terminology to describe it in writing. Avoid using prepared introductions as well. Some students study for example IELTS exam introductions online and incorporate them into their assignments. As you can see from the evaluation of several responses, the examiner can tell right away if you plagiarized your introduction from one of the online examples. You must therefore make additional efforts to be distinctive and inventive in order to avoid such situations. You can achieve the highest band score by doing this.

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In order to write an effective introduction to the IELTS writing task. You should keep the above mention tips in your mind. 

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