3 Things To Consider For Creating A Reader-Centric Case Study

Companies that take on leadership case study assignment usually find success in selling products and services. Their summary of success stories on how efficient the product was in solving other clients’ problems highlights the importance and effectiveness of the product and service offered by the company. Customers who are interested in this industry and dubious about whether or not to use this product are hungry for this information. They want to know how the company’s services or products can solve their issues. Hence, a case study becomes a potential medium for a company to convince a potential customer to try its product. Hence a reader-centric approach is essential to serve a case study from the point of view of a customer and develop it with the information that the clients want to read. Here are three things that writers must understand to create a better reader-centric case study:

The Market In Which The Company Belongs

While creating a leadership and motivation case study with a reader-centric approach, it is important to consider the market in which the industry serves, the category of customers the company tries to impress through its success stories – whether it will be designed for the general public or the high profile companies or does the company serve only a niche industry which is a subclass of a market.

However, experts who offer a leadership case study with the solution often suggest creating both kinds of case studies is essential. While general leadership case studies highlight a company’s resourcefulness in offering solutions to a variety of sophisticated private industries apart from hospitals, universities, government organisations, etc., market-specific leadership case study help in targeting potential customers within a market.

Who Will Read The Case Study?

Who will read the leadership case study with the solution offered by the organisation? Suppose the company that builds the leadership case study provides a solution to businesses in place of the general public. Or, in simple terms, it offers B2b solutions. In that case, it is crucial to determine people whose hierarchical level reads the case study, whether it is the CFO, CEO, CTO, Director of Operations or VP of Sales and Marketing.’

Imagining the people the case study writer has dealt with earlier, like who responded to the calls while engaging with the company, who made the buying decisions, etc., will help recognise the reader of the case study. Hence, it can be anticipated the same kind of individuals from other companies will read the case studies developed by the writer.

A simple trick works best for recognising the reader – one just needs to visit the website of the company with which the case study writer deals and search for the executive and managers’ biographies. It will give the writer an idea of the backgrounds, duties and responsibilities of the potential reader.

How Much Does The Reader Know?

It is useless to devise a case study and babble about a company’s features that the readers know. Therefore, before one creates a case study, it is important to know how much the reader knows about the organisation and its products and services. What is their idea of the case study on leadership with questions and answers that the company provides? Most importantly, what are the details that they don’t know? It indicates how much more the case study writer needs to explain.

Suppose a reader is familiar with the product and technology a company serves. In that case, explaining the basic concepts will be unnecessary. Instead can devote themselves to explaining the technical features of various products designed or marketed by the company and how they can benefit the client.

To sum up,

These are the 3 points writers must recognise to craft a better reader-centric case study. Keeping this in mind will help craft a better solution.

Author Bio: Robert Johnson is a marketing executive of a reputed MNC in the UK. She is also with an academic writing service. If you need help with leadership case study assignments, connect with him at

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